Monday, March 15, 2010


A few weeks ago the San Diego Hemophilia Association had an annual educational event at Seaworld. It was a fun day. We spent the first few hours learning more about hemophilia and making connections with other parents and families in the community. Then we got to explore the park for free. AND we even got to upgrade our free tickets to a season pass for only 10 dollars each. Awesomeness!
Here are a few pictures from the day:This is a picture of Ethan touching a bat-ray.


Alexis said...

WOW! What a fun day. So glad you could connect with other families going through the same thing as you. I hope you find the support to be lasting. And to upgrade to season passes? Score!! We had passes to the zoo while in college and Adam and I enjoyed just going to hang out there whenever we had down time. You guys will have so much fun this summer at the Sea World!

amanda said...

Thanks Lex. It really nice have that community to connect with and ask questions. There is a lot of resources here in San Diego for us and that has been a huge blessing!
Good luck Lex. We are thinking and praying for you in the coming days.