Monday, March 15, 2010


A few weeks ago the San Diego Hemophilia Association had an annual educational event at Seaworld. It was a fun day. We spent the first few hours learning more about hemophilia and making connections with other parents and families in the community. Then we got to explore the park for free. AND we even got to upgrade our free tickets to a season pass for only 10 dollars each. Awesomeness!
Here are a few pictures from the day:This is a picture of Ethan touching a bat-ray.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The zoo -no animal pictures though

This past Monday to celebrate President's Day we had a family day at the zoo. We forgot our camera, so we took some photos on our phone. Not too bad for close-ups but the ones of the animals did not turn out so well, since the phone camera does not zoo. So instead of animal photos from the zoo, I give pictures of Ethan. He has pretty sensitive eyes (most people with light blue eyes do), and is always telling us his eyes hurt when he is in the sun. So at the zoo we bought him some sun glasses (he outgrew his ones from last summer). He is "too cool for school."

We had a great family day. So much fun and laughter enjoying the fabulous 80 degree San Diego weather in February!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Last weekend was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I had the day off and Chris decided to take a day off as well so we could have a family day. The weatherman was forecasting rain for the whole week (and he was correct, STORM WATCH 2010). So knowing that Ethan would be inside all week long we wanted to do go somewhere were he could walk around and explore. We had planned on heading to the zoo, but the rain started Monday morning, so instead we went to Birch Aquarium in La Jolla (it is mostly indoors). It was so cool to see Ethan get so excited over all the fish and other sea life. It was such a fun day, just the three of us goofing around. Ethan loved the aquarium!

We tried to get Ethan to touch one of the sea urchins...he was having none of that action!
The view from the overlook area at Birch Aquarium. The stormy sea was beautiful! It is so nice to get a bit a weather here in San Diego.

Friday, January 15, 2010


We had a busy Christmas season this year. It was nice, fun, tiring and a bit overwhelming. We have been dragging our feet posting photos because we forgot our camera for half of the Christmas festivities. Thank you to Amanda's sisters and parents for passing along some good ones.

Christmas Eve Chris's Parents came down to celebrate Christmas. Amanda got to make a nice dinner, Pesto Chicken. Yum! Ethan was so excited to open up his "bike" that Grandma and Avoo (Portuguese for Grandpa) got him. We have a family tradition of giving and opening a new Christmas ornament on Christmas Eve. Usually we each get one, but this year we decided to just do one for Ethan. He loves vehicles so we got him a cute little fire engine Christmas ornament. We had planned to go to Christmas Eve services as well, and we did, but we thought it started at 7pm and apparently it started at 6. So we got there just as it was ending. Sounded like it was a good sermon. We were bummed we missed it.

Christmas morning was spent with just the three of us, this is something we cherish. Christmas was so different this year than it was last year. Ethan is so much more aware and got so excited about everything. We can't wait till next year, we have some plans of how we will be teaching him the real meaning of Christmas. Every year with kids gets better.
Christmas morning we got up and had a breakfast of pumpkin pancakes. Ethan LOVED them. Then we opened our stockings, even Chatzski got something. Ethan got an activity center from Santa. It turns into a kitchen and a tool bench. He had to help us open all our gifts as well.
Christmas afternoon we spent at Amanda's parents house with everyone. It was great to see everybody, uncle, his girlfriend, parents, grandma, sisters, brother-in-law and our niece. The kids had a blast opening presents. Ethan had to use one of his toy tools to help him open his gifts. Grandma and Grandpa got Ethan a hot wheels track. He was so excited (who are we kidding ALL the guys loved it).

On our way back home to San Diego (a few days after Christmas) we, along with Amanda's family, stopped at the cousins house and hung out a bit and took some fun family photos.

We love the holidays. We had a wonderful time seeing everyone and can't wait to see everyone again. We are so greatful for the love and support of all of our family. If we did not get to see you this holiday season, we missed you and hope to see you soon. We hope everyone had a safe and fun Christmas!